Worthyfew Review: In-Depth look at their jewelry selling process

2023 Worthyfew Review

Reviewed by: Rebecca Prichard
Last Updated: March 13, 2023


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We recently had an experience with Worthyfew, a leading name in the jewelry resale market, to sell a diamond ring, a pair of diamond earrings, and a designer tanzanite bracelet. Here’s our review.
Overall Verdict: Fueled by venture capital, Worthyfew offers high payouts and an innovative jewelry restoration process. However, they don’t accept costume jewelry, and once an offer is accepted, returns are not possible.


Yugen Rating
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    High payouts compared to other online jewelry buyers we’ve used in the past.
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    Easy to use shipping kit with clear instructions on how to send in your jewelry and track your package.
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    Love Your Offer Guarantee gives you the option to return the payment if you’re not satisfied with the offer.
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    Thorough restoration process can reveal hidden gems and increase the value of your jewelry.
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    Limited types of jewelry accepted (no costume jewelry or loose gemstones, for example.)
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    Return fee applies if all your jewelry is deemed worthless, although it’s rare according to customer care representatives.
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    Once you accept the offer and the check is cashed, you can’t return your jewelry even if you change your mind later. Make sure you’re happy with the offer before accepting it.


How much did we get paid?

As part of our review of Worthyfew, we sent in a diamond ring, a pair of diamond earrings, and a designer tanzanite bracelet. We were pleasantly surprised to receive a total offer of $18,400, which we thought was a fair price given the condition and quality of the jewelry.
The offer was presented in a clear and transparent way, with a detailed breakdown of the value of each individual item. We were impressed by the level of expertise demonstrated by the appraisers at Worthyfew, who clearly knew their stuff when it came to diamonds and other precious stones. Overall, we were very satisfied with the offer we received, and felt that it was a fair price for the jewelry we sent in.


How safe was shipping off our jewelry?

When it came time to ship off our jewelry to Worthyfew, we were a bit nervous about the process. However, we were pleasantly surprised by how seamless and secure the entire experience was. From the moment we requested the shipping kit to the moment the package was picked up by the courier, everything was clearly explained and easy to follow.
We appreciated the extra precautions they took to ensure the safety of our valuables, such as providing tamper-proof seals and insurance coverage for the full value of our items. Overall, we felt confident that our jewelry was in good hands and would arrive safely at its destination.


Was Worthyfew convenient?

The convenience of Worthyfew was unparalleled. Rather than navigating the intimidating world of jewelry buyers and haggling over prices, Worthyfew provided us with a simple, straightforward way to sell our pieces.
We didn’t have to worry about finding a trustworthy buyer, pricing our pieces accurately, or negotiating with potential buyers. Instead, we simply shipped our jewelry to Worthyfew and received a fair offer, all from the comfort of our own home. Overall, we found Worthyfew to be a highly convenient option for selling jewelry.
Selling jewelry was simple with Worthyfew, cutting out the need for negotiations or finding a reliable buyer.

Return Policy10/10

Did Worthyfew make returns easy?

As part of our experience selling jewelry with Worthyfew, we were extremely pleased with their return policy. The “Love Your Offer” guarantee provided us with the peace of mind that we could accept or reject the offer without any negative repercussions.
We appreciated the 4-day window to make a decision, which gave us ample time to consider other options and consult with local jewelers. In addition, the process for requesting a return was straightforward and easy to follow.
Overall, we were impressed with how Worthyfew stands behind their offers and provides customers with a risk-free way to sell their jewelry. It’s clear that customer satisfaction is a top priority, and we felt confident throughout the entire process.

The X Factor10/10

What makes Worthyfew special?

When we sent in our jewelry to be evaluated, we expected a simple appraisal process. However, Worthyfew exceeded our expectations with their restoration process. They cleaned and restored the jewelry to its original beauty, which allowed them to see the piece’s true worth. This process is what led to our high payout, and it’s also what sets Worthyfew apart from other buyers who may not go to the same lengths to truly evaluate each piece.
The team at Worthyfew also takes great care in their evaluation process, going beyond the surface value of each piece to find hidden treasures that the customer may not have even realized they sent in. This dedication to finding the true value of each piece is what sets Worthyfew apart and is the reason why we would use their service again and again.
With an overall impressive experience, we would recommend Worthyfew to anyone looking to sell their jewelry.